NC3Rs Supported Resources

Please see below for links to animal research training resources developed by Newcastle University & FLAIRE Consultants with the support of NC3Rs.

eLearning Modules


(EU05) Recognition and Prevention of Pain, Suffering and Distress

(EU06) Humane Methods of Killing Laboratory Animals

(EU20) Anaesthesia for Minor Procedures



  1. Pre-Anaesthetic Preparations
  2. Choosing an Anaesthetic
  3. Anaesthetic Monitoring and Intraoperative Care
  4. Anaesthetic Breathing Systems, Airway Management and Neuromuscular Blocking Agents
  5. Anaesthetic Management and Preventing Problems
  6. Post-Anaesthetic Care
  7. Pain Alleviation
  8. Pain Assessment

Video Tutorials

Procedures With Care

Administration of Substances - A series of tutorials to assist research workers develop their skills in the administration of substances to laboratory animals.

Aseptic Technique in Rodent Surgery - A comprehensive guide to help research workers apply best practice in aseptic surgical techniques in laboratory rodents.